K.I.S.S. Recovery 101 with Bridge May Sky | The Way Out Podcast Episode 292


In this edition of The Way Out, our spectacular recovery co-host Jason brings us a must listen interview with a tireless, passionate, and humble servant in the Minnesota Recovery community, Bridge May Sky! Bridge has had a long hard road, especially with her recovery. Service turned out to be the magic ingredient that she needed to achieve meaningful and enduring recovery. Bridge shares her journey to and through recovery to this point and how being of service has completely changed the game for her. A single mother of 5, Bridge is an absolute superstar – a true champion for the recovery community and a fantastic mom to boot! Bridge is also the creator and host of her own live interactive podcast called K.I.S.S. Recovery 101 where both Jason and I had the honor of being guests to share our stories and talk Recovery. In addition, Bridge is also a recovery coach at Minnesota Recovery Connection and true to her M.O. she has some other exciting things in the ‘ol works! You’ll definitely want to stay tuned to hear Bridge’s amazing recovery story and all of the spiritual and recovery wisdom embodied within it so listen up.


Bridge Sky

Recovery Navigator

MN Recovery Connection



Recovery Resources

KISS Recovery 101

Bad Mom’s


Back to Basics


Serenity Shores


Treatment/Literature Committees


Rise Up Hour


Best Advice- “Don’t live in the past, or the past won’t let you live.”

Book Recommendation:

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Song that reminds Bridge of recovery: Meet me in the woods by Lord Heron

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