Hope on a Mission with Cara Mia Bacchiochi | The Way Out Podcast Episode 290


On this edition of The Way Out our tremendous co-host Jason brings us an interview with the Director of a New York based nonprofit organization Hope on a Mission, Cara Mia Bacchiochi. This woman is a true warrior for her community. Her street outreach started and grew on one street corner, simply by loving on the people in the neighborhood by providing those in need with meals and personal hygiene products. Cara shares her journey to and through recovery to this point, how all of her community service came to be, and how it has continued to evolve. Cara’s recovery story is one of redemption and the transformative power of the God of Her Understanding working wonders in her life and as a result the lives of many others so listen up.

Contact Cara Mia at hopeonamission@gmail.com

Recovery resources and related links:





Best Piece of Advice: “Stay in your square”

Book recommendation: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Song that symbolizes recovery:

You Say by Lauren Daigle

Touch the Sky by Hillsong UNITED

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