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Decades of Recovery & Advocacy with Tom Jackson | The Way Out Podcast Episode 294

Summary In this edition of The Way Out, our prodigious co-host with the most has an outstanding discussion with person in long term recovery, peer recovery specialist, mental health professional and recovery advocate Tom Jackson. Tom is a longtime and self-proclaimed “policy nerd” who has been doing recovery advocacy work on the national legislative level…More

K.I.S.S. Recovery 101 with Bridge May Sky | The Way Out Podcast Episode 292

Summary In this edition of The Way Out, our spectacular recovery co-host Jason brings us a must listen interview with a tireless, passionate, and humble servant in the Minnesota Recovery community, Bridge May Sky! Bridge has had a long hard road, especially with her recovery. Service turned out to be the magic ingredient that she…More

Our Hosts

Charlie LeVoir

Our recovery stories don’t just matter, they are very lifeblood of the recovery community. My name is Charlie LeVoir and I am a person in long term recovery from alcoholism and addiction since 2014. What that means to me is that I have not found it necessary to use alcohol or any other mood altering substances since 12/6/2014. Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Recovery for me began with a 12-Step program and fellowship and hearing other people’s stories of Recovery in and out of the rooms of recovery is what first gave me hope that I too could recover and that I didn’t have to do this alone any longer if I didn’t want to. As a result of being transformed by the power people authentically and vulnerably sharing their recovery stories, I was inspired to create a way for others to do the same. Thus, The Way Out Podcast was born. I am the Creator, host and producer of The Way Out Podcast since its inception in 2016, where me and my co-host Jason Rudeen along with hundreds of others have Recovered Out Loud so that others might recover too. My sobriety and recovery podcast brings audiences sobriety power topics and powerful recovery stories to jump start their Sobriety and enhance their Recovery.

One of the greatest gifts of having the honor and privilege of interviewing hundreds of people in long term recovery is I have benefited tremendously from the wide array of recovery pathways and programs embodied in the stories these amazing people share on The Way Out Podcast. Today I incorporate a variety of Recovery tools to sustain a meaningful and enduring Recovery. Without question I would have never pursued recovery coaching if it wasn’t for the work I do as a Recovery Podcaster As a direct result, I am honored to hold the CCAR Recovery Coach Professional Certification and I am dedicated to continuing to grow in my understanding and abilities as a Recovery Coach so that others may also recover from substance user disorder. Whether it’s in my role as a Recovery Coach or through The Way Out Podcast, true passion lies in making a difference through helping people truly thrive and achieve wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Jason Rudeen

My name is Jason Rudeen and I’m a person in long term recovery. What that means for me is that I haven’t felt the need to touch a drink or a drug since 7/23/2016. My DOC was… well anything! I guess meth was my kryptonite. I support all pathways to recovery. I was a buffet style user so I work my recovery the same way. I draw from many different sources in my own recovery. Getting (and living) clean is something I never imagined I could do. I was addicted to drinking, using and dealing since I was 13. I got clean at 36 so that’s 33 years of debauchery. I never knew no other way.

On my journey I learned the importance of sharing my story. It can heal me, inspire others and gives them permission to share their own stories! It’s therapeutic value is without parallel,  as they say!! I am so grateful I found Charles and shared my story with him early on (that’s episode 31 if you want to check it out). When he asked me if I wanted to co host and help take the show to the next level I was nervous. I didn’t feel qualified, and if I listened to my feelings, I would have cheated myself. Everything you want is on the other side of fear! Say yes! Show up for opportunities if they could potentially benefit you or others.  Be willing to get uncomfortable! Start helping others! That’s where the real growth happens! 

My heart is in this show and I’m grateful for every one of you listeners! You all teach me so much. Thank you for your ears and your insights! I hope you find some real help within these episodes. God bless you all! 

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