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Role for Recovery with Myles Sandoval | The Way Out Podcast Episode 256

Summary In this rendition of The Way Out, we have a stellar interview with person in long term recovery, recovery coach, and Phoenix facilitator, Myles Sandoval. Author Johann Hari is credited with coining the phrase “The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety. It’s connection.” This idea embodies the impetus behind The Phoenix, which is a non-profit…More

Our Hosts

Charlie LeVoir

Born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Charlie LeVoir is a person in long term recovery from alcoholism and addiction since 12/6/2014. Charlie is the Creator, host and producer of The Way Out Podcast since its inception in 2016, where he and hundreds of others have Recovered Out Loud so that others might recover too. He also works in IT leadership and holds a baccalaureate degree in Organizational Leadership from Concordia University in Saint Paul, MN. His sobriety and recovery podcast brings audiences sobriety power topics and powerful recovery stories to jump start their Sobriety and enhance their Recovery. Whether it’s in his leadership role or through The Way Out Podcast, Charlie’s real passion lies in making a difference through helping people truly thrive in all aspects of their lives. 

Jason Rudeen

Jason is the best co-host a recovery podcast could dream of and has been helping make this podcast go since 2018.

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